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New Story’s Here!

In case you haven’t been over at Lit in a little while, I have begun posting chapters of my new story ‘Trivial Pursuits.’ I just submitted my third chapter, and am now about to work on uploading the chapters here as well. Enjoy, and as always, thanks for stopping by to read and leaving any feedback you have 🙂


Now releasing…Trivial Pursuits

At last, dear Readers,

I am ready to start posting chapters of my latest story, titled, “Trivial Pursuits.” I hope to post it to Literotica by Sunday night and then submit a chapter every few days. It isn’t completed, only about 12 chapters or so, and only chapters 1-5 are actually ready to be released, as there is tweaking and editing going on currently on a few of the other chapters. I do plan on posting the story here once it is posted on Lit, so you can access it either here or there. Though, I word from a budding author: It is nice to have feedback and voting—as trivial as that might sound—on Literotica because it helps expand my readership as that website obviously receives countless more visitors, and the better my story does the more visible it becomes to the countless masses. So, with that said, if you do read my story here, would you mind also voting and/or leaving a comment on Lit? You don’t have to and you don’t have to feel guilty if you don’t, just a suggestion of how you could help me out if you so choose. 🙂 But as always, no matter what you do, I appreciate you for taking the time to read my stories, so thanks!


New Writing Assignment

Good news to all of you who have been waiting on my next project to roll out. I am now knee deep in my latest story. I’m at chapter seven and really getting happy with it.

At this point, I still plan to upload it to Literotica as well as here, but do plan on publishing it once it is completed. I am not quite certain when I will start posting, but it may be a few weeks still as I want to post the story fairly quickly, so I therefore need more material saved up.

I’m very excited about this story, so I hope you guys enjoy it. I will keep you posted as I move along.

Cheers (and a Happy New Year!)


What we’ve all been waiting for…

It’s here! At last! I am finally freaking finished with a complete novel…and girls (and boys) let me tell you, the last volume of Possess Me is over 130,000 words…it’s long…but I hope manageable. You can find it at the link below. Though I am happy to have finished and to have the opportunity to start something new, I am certainly sad to see Brynna and Malik go. I’ve fallen in love with them and have enjoyed their interactions unique to them. I’m not certain if I will ever go back and read it, though I imagine I might. But it is now out of my hands, no more to create, but to watch it drift out into the world complete and whole unto itself with nothing further needed from me.

So, now that Possess Me is completed, my next project, I have decided, will be Trivial Pursuit, which I have been working on in my mind, in my car, in the shower as I’ve been editing/reworking Possess Me. I’m getting very excited about it, and now that it is my major focus I plan on getting all the details worked out and then writing it in one go. I plan to publish chapters on Literotica as well as here, but when I’ve gotten them all posted, I plan to use reader feedback to edit it and then get it published as well. Also, if you will be looking for it on Lit, I am fairly certain it will be in plain, good ol’ Romance section, but as always, I’ll keep everyone here updated on my progress and alert you guys when I’m ready to start sharing it.

Thanks again for all of your support and feedback and encouragement during this process. It has been long, but now that it is complete, I think I can walk away from the whole project with a plethora of gained insight on how to approach the writing process, so hopefully in the future it won’t be quite so frustrating and long.



Here is the link:

And if I could ask a favor, if you do happen to get Possess Me and you do like it, would you mind writing a review on Amazon and rating it just so it has a better chance at being noticed by others looking for something decent to read? I’d be eternally grateful!

Drum Roll Please…

I want to scream to the rooftop…I’ve done it! I have finally freaking finished Possess Me and am ecstatic beyond words 🙂 Well, I’ve never been wordless, but you get the picture. That means I am on schedule to review/edit this week and will plan on having it uploaded to Amazon Friday afternoon, which should make it available sometime Saturday! Hallelujah and Amen.


Possess Me Vol III Update

Very good news…I’m in the middle of the last chapter, and then there will be a quick epilogue. I hope to have all this finished by tomorrow evening and then my plan is to edit this week and have the story ready for Amazon store this coming weekend. I am sorry it is taking so long…it’s killing me…but hopefully the wait will have been worth it.

And as they say, “The difference between a good meal and a great meal is an hour…let’s hope the same theory applies to books 🙂

Thanks for your patience and continue support and enthusiasm.


Here is a collection of stories I have penned with the desire of exploring what exists in us through our relationships with each other.

Updates for all you readers out there…

So this past two weeks I have made a lot of ground with the story, so…YAY! This weekend I’m pushing over this last hurdle and then I believe it will be time for me to proof read and get it ready to e-publish. I am currently thinking about another venue besides Amazon…I myself don’t have a Kindle and would prefer to read it on my iPad, which isn’t an option if I go through Amazon. However, I’m not certain how to publish so it is available in other markets….so that’s a little research I’d like to do before I publish this last volume.

If anyone out there has any tips, I’d be thankful to hear them, so feel free to comment or email me.

That’s where the project stands, so wish me luck as I devote my next 48 hrs to writing/editing/reading! Thanks!



The reworking process has been slow now that I am in volume III, I am sorry to report. Partly because I have new job assignment in Dallas and it has been a time-taxing experience, leaving little to no time or inclination to work on this project. However, as I’ve been pacing back and forth, I am happy to announce that I have the artwork that will grace the three volumes when they are ready to e-publish! So that is very exciting. And now that my 9-5 has settled down, I have found the time and desire to work diligently on finishing this sucker up.

I will be taking Possess Me down in a few short weeks/days (not quite certain on the timeline, yet) and I will permanently post Possess Me, Vol I (so long as that is acceptable with my e-publishing venue).

Also, I have joined FictionPress under the name Titania Oliver. The newly edited Possess Me, vol I is now posted, though it will last only 90 days on that site. You can find it at the below link:


I know there has been a lot of silence from me for the past few months…and that is because I have been HARD at work editing and rewriting Possess Me. I am super excited to announce Volume One is complete and I am now into Volume Two. There will be three in all, as the total word count was originally somewhere around 200,000…geesh that’s a lot. So, I’ve decided to split it up and make the first volume FREE in ebook form. That’s right: FREE. Hopefully, it will earn the trust of more readers out there, giving them a commitment-free opportunity to see if they like what I’ve created. I hope you guys stay posted as I finish off the editing process and make the story available!


To those of you wondering, yes, I have now begun planning/writing for the epilogue to Possess Me! I plan on prioritizing it over the next week and half, so maybe I can post it within two weeks…and also add it to Literotica.



So, I have begun to start putting up slightly edited (as in not yet perfected) chapters of Possess Me. After this process, I’m not exactly certain what I will begin working on. Polishing this piece up for publishing sometime later this summer is in the top two or three slots on my priority list, so I will keep you updating on that progress.

As for the next story, I certainly have three that I could write, and definitely two that I’m chomping at the bit to start. However, as some of you may know, my laptop’s mother board went out, and until I get a few paychecks under my belt (since I recently graduated) I’m waiting to buy a new one and have all my files transferred to it. Therefore, proceeding with the new stories (since all my files for them are on my old laptop) will be difficult. But, also with this, I will keep you posted and let you know when I do start writing one of them.

If you have stumbled across this disorganized, not-even-begun mess…then I apologize. At the moment, I am simply setting up the features for my blog (elch, I hate that word), and am not ready to post any actual content as I am in the middle of several other time-consuming projects. however, I hope to begin working on it seriously within two weeks…but that is dependent on all the other ducklings lining themselves in a pretty, self-managing row…we shall see.

And Now for Round Two…

That’s right…I did as promised (and only a day late at that 😉 ) and have gotten PM vol II up and available on Amazon.

Click below and read on!