The Drafting Table

Stories and characters float around in my head waiting for purchase, to coalesce into something actionable. I typically use OneNote to capture all my fancies down and begin developing story ideas there using pictures and words to establish plot, character progress, and scene setting. When I am finally interested enough, I begin taking prolific notes in my Moleskine and use it throughout the writing process. The following stories are what I have been idly dreaming of, and will, hopefully, write one day.


Based upon my all time favorite fairy tale, a haughty princess mocks one king too many, and in a fit of rage, her father promises to marry her off to the first beggar that comes to the castle gates. To her horror, not a week later she is given to a traveling minstrel who accepts to marry her. With the marriage, all her worldly luxuries are stripped as she’s forced into the life of poverty and at the mercy of a harsh and unloving husband who punishes her while introducing her to a life of sexual submission. Through many trials, she is bent to humility, and to her reluctant, growing desire for the mysterious man she is now bound to honor and obey. But mistakes and decisions lead her into the service of the king she had previously mocked. Will he exact his revenge and steal from her any chance of happiness with the quiet, but cruel husband she was beginning to love, or is something more powerful at play than she could ever realize?


Avery, an intelligent scientist, is pretty, but overweight. When a rainy Saturday sets her up to meet an equally intelligent ex-Navy Seal, Declan, who takes fitness to the next level, she struggles with her desire for him and her own insecurities with her body. Understanding her happiness is ultimately in her hands, Declan teaches her what she can do to change what she is unhappy with, and leaves her with a kiss and a promise to see her at the finish line in six months. Will she be able to stick with the tortorous running schedule and ubber healthy eating regime? And more importantly, even if she does, will she find the self-love that will free her to love another?


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